Pigtail modem Option

Pigtail modem Option dan ujung satunya lagi konektor FME Male

Pigtail ini digunakan dengan antena yg memiliki sambungan FME Female

Pigtail modem Option image 1

Made in Taiwan

Kompatibel dengan : All PC cards of the GlobeTrotter family (with an external antenna connector) which includes GlobeTrotter GT MAX 7.2 Ready Data Card ,GlobeTrotter GT MAX ,GlobeTrotter Fusion+ HSDPA ,GlobeTrotter HSDPA ,GlobeTrotter 3G EDGE (HSDPA-Ready) ,GlobeTrotter Fusion+ (HSDPA-Ready) ,GlobeTrotter Fusion Quad ,GlobeTrotter 3G ,GlobeTrotter 3G Quad ,GlobeTrotter Edge ,GlobeTrotter Combo Edge ,GlobeTrotter Fusion ,GlobeTrotter Combo ,GlobeTrotter.

Bisa dipakai juga untuk modem lain yg colokannya pas (Harap dicoba dulu)

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